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Columbia Case Studies: Applied Value Investing Frameworks

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Applied Value Investing at Columbia Business School

Applied Value Investing

Applied Value Investing at Columbia Business School (AVIC) is a student-run initiative that provides students with the opportunity to learn about and apply the principles of value investing. AVIC members manage a portfolio of investments valued at over $1 million, providing hands-on experience in the field.

History and Mission

AVIC was founded in 2007 by a group of students passionate about value investing. The club's mission is to promote the study and practice of value investing through research, education, and portfolio management. AVIC members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and bring a variety of skills and perspectives to the club.

Portfolio Management

The core activity of AVIC is the management of a portfolio of investments. Students conduct thorough fundamental analysis of individual companies and make investment decisions based on their assessments of their intrinsic value. The portfolio is managed according to the principles of value investing, which focus on identifying companies with strong fundamentals and attractive valuations.

Investment Process

The investment process at AVIC is rigorous and disciplined. Students first develop an investment thesis, articulating their rationale for investing in a particular company. They then perform extensive financial analysis, evaluating the company's income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. They also conduct industry research and meet with management to gain a deeper understanding of the company's business model.

Educational Activities

Applied Value Investing

In addition to portfolio management, AVIC offers a variety of educational activities to members. These include guest lectures by industry professionals, workshops on financial analysis, and field trips to companies. AVIC also hosts an annual symposium that brings together students, faculty, and industry experts to discuss value investing topics.

Impact and Recognition

AVIC has a strong track record of success. The portfolio has outperformed the market over the past several years, demonstrating the effectiveness of the value investing approach. The club has been recognized by the Columbia Business School for its excellence in student-led initiatives and has received awards from the CFA Institute.

Benefits of Joining AVIC

Joining Applied Value Investing at Columbia Business School offers a number of benefits, including:

Hands-on portfolio management experience

In-depth training in value investing principles and techniques

Exposure to industry professionals and thought leaders

Applied Value Investing

Opportunities for networking and career development

Access to a community of like-minded students and alumni


Applied Value Investing at Columbia Business School is a unique and valuable opportunity for students to learn about and apply the principles of value investing. Through portfolio management and a variety of educational activities, AVIC provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the investment industry. Members of AVIC have a passion for value investing and are eager to share their insights and experiences with others.

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