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Making Money with Smithing in Old School RuneScape

Smithing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is often seen as a buy-to-play skill, where players spend significant amounts of gold on materials to level up. However, with the right approach, making money smithing osrs is entirely possible and can even be quite lucrative. This comprehensive guide will delve into the various methods for making money smithing osrs, covering both low-level and high-level strategies.

Early Game Methods

For players new to smithing, these methods offer a solid starting point for generating profit:

1. Crafting Iron Dart Tips

This straightforward method involves purchasing iron bars and crafting them into iron dart tips. While the profit margins per tip are small, the sheer volume you can produce makes up for it.

2. Crafting Nails

Similar to dart tips, nails are in constant demand due to their use in Construction. Buying iron bars in bulk and crafting nails is a reliable way to make early-game profits.

3. Smithing Cannonballs

While requiring a higher Smithing level (35), crafting cannonballs offers a significant profit increase. Steel bars are the primary material and can be purchased or smelted for further profit. However, this method is best done during off-peak hours due to competition.

Mid-Game Methods

As your Smithing level grows, these methods provide increased profits and complexity:

1. Crafting Mithril Platebodies

This method requires a Smithing level of 58 and offers decent experience and profit. Buy mithril bars in bulk, smith them into platebodies, and sell them on the Grand Exchange.

2. Crafting Adamant Platebodies

Similar to mithril, crafting adamant platebodies requires a higher Smithing level (74) and yields better profits. However, this market tends to be more competitive, so timing your sales is crucial.

3. Smithing Rune Items

OSRS Smithing Money Making

Unlocking the ability to smith rune items (level 91) provides access to lucrative opportunities. Concentrate on high-demand items like rune platebodies, rune 2h swords, and rune kiteshields for optimal profits.

Advanced Methods

At higher Smithing levels, these methods offer the greatest profit potential but often require significant capital investment:

1. Crafting Dragon Equipment

With a Smithing level of 99 and access to the appropriate resources, creating dragon equipment like dragon platebodies and dragon weapons offers immense profits. However, the material costs are incredibly high, making this method suitable for experienced players.

2. Blades of Saeldor (Bis)

Creating these powerful weapons involves obtaining the Blades of Saeldor (Uncharged) from the Chambers of Xeric and charging them with a significant amount of Zulrah's scales. This method demands high-level gameplay and substantial investment but offers the potential for massive profits.

3. Masterwork Armour

This endgame content requires completion of the Song of the Elves quest and involves crafting powerful armor sets. While incredibly profitable, it demands significant time, resources, and in-depth knowledge of the crafting process.

Tips for Maximizing Profits

Regardless of your chosen method, following these tips can significantly enhance your smithing profits:

Buy and sell in bulk: Purchasing and selling items in larger quantities can often yield better prices and reduce overall transaction costs.

Utilize the Grand Exchange: Familiarize yourself with the Grand Exchange and use it strategically to buy low and sell high.

Time your sales: Pay attention to market trends and player activity. Selling popular items during peak hours can often result in quicker sales and better prices.

Consider alternative materials: Explore different metal bars and their price fluctuations. Often, lesser-used metals can provide unexpected profit margins.

Level up efficiently: The higher your Smithing level, the more profitable items you can craft. Focus on efficient training methods to unlock lucrative opportunities.

Be patient and persistent: Making money smithing osrs, like any skill in OSRS, takes time and effort. Stay dedicated, refine your strategies, and the profits will follow.

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