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OSRS F2P Money Making Guide Iron Powerleveling

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The Ultimate Guide to OSRS Best Money Making F2P Methods

Diving into the world of Gielinor as a free-to-play player in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) can be daunting, especially when it comes to making money. But fear not, aspiring adventurer! There are plenty of lucrative opportunities for those willing to put in the effort. This guide will delve into the most effective osrs best money making f2p methods to jumpstart your journey to riches.

Early Game Money Makers: Building a Foundation

Starting with limited resources, focusing on consistent, low-requirement methods is key:

1. Mining Iron Ore

Mining iron ore is a classic starting point for F2P money making. Head to the southwest of Varrock, grab a pickaxe, and start mining those iron rocks. The relatively stable price of iron ore ensures a steady income stream.

2. Fishing Lobsters

Grab a lobster pot and head to Karamja. While requiring some patience, lobster fishing provides a decent profit margin, particularly once you've reached a higher fishing level.

OSRS Money Making

3. Making Flour

A simple yet effective method involves buying grain from the GE (Grand Exchange), grinding it into flour at a windmill, and selling it back for a profit. While the individual margins are small, the high volume potential makes this a worthwhile option.

Mid-Game Money Makers: Stepping Up Your Game

As your skills progress, you can explore more profitable avenues:

1. Crafting Leather Bodies

This method involves killing cows for their hides, tanning them into leather, and crafting them into leather bodies. It's a reliable way to make money, especially with higher crafting levels.

2. Killing Chickens for Feathers

While seemingly mundane, killing chickens for their feathers can be surprisingly profitable. Feathers are used in various crafting recipes and are always in demand. Find a spot with a high chicken spawn rate and start plucking.

3. Mining Coal

With a higher mining level, you can start mining coal. Coal is a valuable resource used in smithing and is always in high demand, making it a reliable money maker.

Advanced Money Makers: Maximizing Profits

Once you've established a solid foundation, these advanced methods can generate significant wealth:

1. Slaying Green Dragons

Green dragons offer a challenging but rewarding experience. Their drops, including dragon bones and hides, can be sold for a hefty profit. However, this method requires good combat skills and gear.

2. Running Nature Runes

This method requires completion of the "Nature Spirit" quest. It involves collecting essence and crafting nature runes at the nature altar, providing a consistent income stream once you've mastered the process.

Adapting to the Market: The Key to Consistent Profits

While these osrs best money making f2p methods provide a solid framework, remember that the Grand Exchange is a dynamic marketplace. Prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. Always check current prices, adapt your strategies accordingly, and don't be afraid to experiment with different methods. After all, the most successful OSRS players are those who can adapt and thrive in Gielinor's ever-changing economy.

OSRS Money Making

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