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Origami Folding Techniques Money Heart Creation Process

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The Art of Money Origami: How to Make a Heart from Money

Money origami, also known as dollar bill origami, is the art of folding currency, like dollar bills, into creative and intricate designs. One popular and meaningful design is the money heart, a symbol of love, affection, and sometimes, prosperity. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gesture, a unique gift, or simply a fun way to impress your friends, learning how to make a heart from money can be a rewarding experience.

Choosing the Right Bill for Your Money Heart

While any currency can be used for origami, crisp, new bills tend to hold folds better and result in a cleaner-looking final product. The denomination of the bill is up to you, but keep in mind that larger denominations will result in a larger heart. Additionally, some people believe that the design on certain bills, like the US $1 bill with its iconic pyramid, can add an extra layer of symbolism to the finished heart.

Basic Folding Techniques for Money Origami

Before you begin folding your money heart, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with a few basic origami folds:

1. Valley Fold:

This is the most common origami fold, indicated by a dashed line with a "V" shape. To make a valley fold, fold the paper along the line, bringing the top layer down towards you.

2. Mountain Fold:

Represented by a dash-dot-dash line, this fold requires you to flip the paper over and fold it away from you, creating a ridge.

3. Reverse Fold:

This fold involves unfolding the paper and then inverting the fold along the existing crease. It is often used to create dimension and shape in origami models.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make a Heart from Money

Different methods exist for crafting a money heart, each with its own complexity and final look. Here’s a simple and popular method to get you started:


money origami

One crisp dollar bill


1. Lay the bill flat, portrait orientation, with George Washington's face upright.

2. Fold the bill in half lengthwise, creasing the center and then unfolding it again.

3. Fold the bottom edge up to meet the center crease you just made.

4. Flip the bill over and repeat step 3 on the opposite side.

5. Fold both the top left and right corners down to touch the center crease, forming two triangles.

6. Fold the top edge down about a third of the way, creasing along the bottom of the triangles you just made.

7. Fold the top two points of the triangles you made in step 5 inward, tucking them behind the flap you created in step 6.

money origami

8. Flip the bill over and fold the two side edges inward, following the existing crease lines of the bottom triangles.

9. Fold the bottom point up to meet the bottom of the heart shape, tucking it in to secure the shape.

10. Gently shape the top curves of the heart by folding and unfolding small sections to create a rounded appearance.

Beyond the Basic Money Heart

Once you’ve mastered the basic money heart, you can explore more intricate designs, incorporate multiple bills, or even combine your origami skills with other crafting techniques. You can find numerous tutorials and inspiration online for creating money origami butterflies, flowers, animals, and more.

Gifting and Displaying Your Money Heart

A money heart makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations. You can present it in a small gift box, use it as a creative embellishment on a larger present, or even incorporate it into a greeting card. For display, consider framing your money origami masterpiece or using it as a decorative element in a shadow box.

The Significance of Money Origami

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, money origami can hold personal significance. It can symbolize luck, prosperity, or be a creative way to give a monetary gift. Some people even view the intricate folds as a meditative practice, offering a moment of mindfulness and focus.

Ultimately, learning how to make a heart from money offers a fun and engaging way to explore creativity, hone fine motor skills, and perhaps even add a touch of whimsy to your financial life. So next time you find yourself with a crisp bill and a bit of spare time, consider trying your hand at this unique art form.

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